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Poly furniture made in Amish Country, USA.
we are better outdoors.
Bringing the comfort and peace of what you love about
spending time together and bringing it to your outdoor space.

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Amish Country is a unique place that we get to call home. We are proud of the long-standing traditions that come from our little corner of the world and we hope that this same mentality carries over to your home. 

We are confident in the memories and traditions you will build with your loved ones on and around the furniture we build.

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Where comfort and quality meet.

Proud of Amish Country.

We're proud, not only of the quality furniture that we produce, but the heritage and beautiful place we call home

Amish Country.

Where family and friends come together.

We can talk all day about how great our furniture is, the qualities and aspects of our materials, how it’s durable and weatherproof, but that’d be boring, right? What’s nice about outdoor furniture if you’ve no one to share it with? The experiences shared, cups of coffee had, and stories told from the comfort of our furniture is what matters to us most. 

Amish Country is where friends and families gather. 

Features of Amish Country Poly

We are proud of the product and customer service we provide each one of our amazing customers.

Embracing The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Poly Furniture

Embracing The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Poly Furniture

Embracing The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Poly Furniture Unique Features: In the outdoor furniture market, poly furniture is a standout example of sustainability, originality, and durability. Compared to traditional wood and metal furnishings, poly furniture, which is constructed from recycled plastic components, offers numerous unique features and benefits. So, we will examine the unique features of […]

The Timeless Appeal of Poly Furniture

The Timeless Appeal of Poly Furniture

The Timeless Appeal of Poly Furniture Exploring Its History and Craftsmanship Poly furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture since it simultaneously blends sustainability, style, and longevity. The timeless appeal of poly furniture has much older roots. Even if its minimalist style and environmental consciousness have drawn more attention. Learn about the fascinating history […]

2023 Outdoor Furniture Trends

2023 Outdoor Furniture Trends

Each year, outdoor furniture trends change in color, preferred materials, design, and desired functionality. Even though minimalism appears to still be a trend carrying into the new year, we’ve noticed a few old trends returning and new styles popping up. Looking at the current market, these styles and products are projected to catch the public […]

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Mike Myers Customer

In love with this furniture. It's especially great because we used to buy cheap plastic Adirondack's, but with three kids, someone is bound to break them. My children would have to have Hulk-like strength to break Amish Country furniture.

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We are better outdoors.


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