Frequently Asked Questions


Yup. We're right here in Amish Country, OH. We are proud of our roots and the place we come from, as well as the quality products that come from our area of the world. 

We do have relationships with many dealers across the United States. We'd love to connect you with someone close to you. Email "" for more info.

If you have a drill with a hex bit, that could make things easier, but we provide everything you need in the box including a hex key and open-face wrench. The only tool you might need is a phillips head screwdriver.


If you've already placed an order, you should've been given the option to create an account. Here you can access all your past orders and their current status. Feel free to email: for more information and details.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee as long as each item is in the exact condition it arrived in. For refunds or questions, email


Every product is different, our more popular products can be shipped in as fast as 72 hours through our QuickShip program. Other custom orders could be 6-8 weeks. Always feel free to give us a call at 330.893.7659 for more detailed shipping information.