A note from
our owner

Growing up and living in Ohio's Amish Country, we are proud of where we are from and the quality of handcrafted items that comes from this special place. We stand committed to bringing the essence of Amish Country to your home by building quality outdoor furniture for you and your family to enjoy. We hope your experience reflects the hardworking, honest and value added nature that our culture represents. Thank you for choosing Amish Country, we look forward to serving you.

- Jared Coblentz


We are a people committed to the values instilled in us through the faith that has always been a part of us. This informs the way we live our lives, yes, but also the way that we operate our business, engage with our employees and interact with our customers.


We are family owned and operated, and our first priority will always be those who we love and are closest to us. For what other reason have we created a company, but to carry on the traditions and memories made with these people.


We take those first two values and fuse them together to create the best and most beautiful outdoor furniture. There's nothing better than experiencing faith and family while sitting on quality Amish Country Poly furniture.

All-in-one process

What is hDPE?

HDPE stands for High Density Poly Ethylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum.


Amish Country was birthed out of it’s sister company, DutchLine Poly Lumber, where the extrusion process takes place. We take RAW material and pipe it through our extrusion machines, make many sizes of full poly lumber.  

Design and manufacturing

While DutchLine is a wholesaler of a HDPE lumber, we’ve decided why stop there? In 2021 Amish Country was born as we opened our design and manufacturing facilities here in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio.

why amish country?

Low Maintenance

Amish Country made HDPE furniture is made to be as low maintenance as possible. Simple cleaning processes can keep your Amish Country Poly looking great for years to come.


Resistant to weather and “other things”, cleaning up messes, or leaving them out in the elements, make this furniture a no-brainer.  


We stand behind all of our products, and truly believe that their quality is the best in it’s class. That being said, we know things happen and want you to know where we stand. You can find our Warranty guide here.