3 Ways to Clean Poly Furniture

Not only is poly furniture durable to the elements, but it’s easy to clean, too. No need to worry about those coffee stains or the dirt and grime of the outdoors. Here’s what you can do to keep your Amish outdoor poly furniture sparkling.

Good old soap and water

You’ve got to love furniture that’s waterproof. Feel free to fix a warm bucket of water with a little bit of mild dish soap and scrub away. Using a brush shouldn’t cause any scratches, but if you’re worried that the bristles are too stiff, just use a simple rag instead. If you want to reach in between those smaller spaces or slats, feel free to use a toothbrush or tube brush.

Magic eraser

Sometimes tougher stains happen and mild soap and elbow grease don’t cut it. Magic erasers are perfectly suitable to take care of those peskier spots. The sponge may even help to get into those smaller slats and spaces in your furniture. Magic erasers can wear down quickly when used on this kind of surface so you may want to stick to this method only when necessary.

Power washing

Power washing might sound a bit extreme, but it can be one of the most satisfying methods of cleaning. While it’s a perfectly safe method to use on your poly furniture, we’d recommend it only when necessary. There’s no need to waste all that water for a little dirt. Be sure to keep your pressure under 1,500 psi and take the proper safety precautions when you decide to power wash your furniture.

When you’ve cleaned your furniture to your heart’s content. Feel free to towel dry it, or just leave it in the open air. Your poly furniture won’t warp or crack when wet, and it is pretty resistant to fading in the sun. Just be careful not to sit on a hot chair. Dark poly colors are unknown for retaining lots of heat.

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