Embracing The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Poly Furniture

Poly furniture inspiration. Picnic table and chair setup on a lawn.

Embracing The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Poly Furniture Unique Features: In the outdoor furniture market, poly furniture is a standout example of sustainability, originality, and durability. Compared to traditional wood and metal furnishings, poly furniture, which is constructed from recycled plastic components, offers numerous unique features and benefits. So, we will examine the unique features of […]

The Timeless Appeal of Poly Furniture

The Timeless Appeal of Poly Furniture Exploring Its History and Craftsmanship Poly furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture since it simultaneously blends sustainability, style, and longevity. The timeless appeal of poly furniture has much older roots. Even if its minimalist style and environmental consciousness have drawn more attention. Learn about the fascinating history […]

2023 Outdoor Furniture Trends

Each year, outdoor furniture trends change in color, preferred materials, design, and desired functionality. Even though minimalism appears to still be a trend carrying into the new year, we’ve noticed a few old trends returning and new styles popping up. Looking at the current market, these styles and products are projected to catch the public […]

Tips for Decorating A Patio

Glider and end table for decorating a patio

Patios are a great space to relax on warm days and evenings. However, knowing how to decorate your patio can feel a bit tricky compared to an indoor space because of the elements it faces. If you’re struggling to decide how you want to make your patio comfortable and good-looking, we’ve got some tips for […]

What is HDPE/Poly?

The Poly/HDPE that makes up our products

What is HDPE/Poly Lumber? HDPE ( High-Density Polyethylene) has become a commonly used plastic made from a petroleum base. Most people know this material by its simpler term: poly. Industries across the world have really begun to explore the benefits of this material. Here’s how have companies been utilizing this revolutionary poly plastic. Common Uses […]

3 Ways to Clean Poly Furniture

Not only is poly furniture durable to the elements, but it’s easy to clean, too. No need to worry about those coffee stains or the dirt and grime of the outdoors. Here’s what you can do to keep your Amish outdoor poly furniture sparkling. Good old soap and water You’ve got to love furniture that’s […]

Outdoor Furniture Assembly Made Easy


Picture this: you order a swanky piece of furniture from the world wide web, anticipate it’s arrival, realize it comes in 500 pieces and you’re going to spend the next 10 hours putting it together. Ever been there? We sure have, that’s why we made our outdoor furniture assembly process easy for you. While our […]